3 recent LinkedIn Features I love

Sebastian Foerster
3 min readFeb 9, 2021


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When using countless social media apps every day, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose track of everything happening on each platform. It doesn’t matter if it’s something entirely new like #Clubhouse (voice only) or #TikTok (a million new filters every day) or something established like Facebook (Dating functionality) or Twitter (Fleeting).

One constant for me has always been LinkedIn. They usually push here and there useful, and small updates make it easy to keep track and make much sense to use on this platform. Be it significant shifts towards a content platform and giving everyone a voice via blogging or the mobile-only feature of stories.

So I wanted to highlight 3 of my favourite features that LinkedIn established not long ago or are very hot right now. I’m also curious if you have used them yourself yet?

Speak your name!

LinkedIn lets you record a small audio file of your name. Even though it seems more like a gimmick, depending on your regional activities, it might help reduce someone’s stress mispronouncing your name and vice versa.

As many new updates, this seems to be a mobile-only update, even though you can still hear the recording on the desktop version too. But recording only works on the mobile app for now. I find this really cool and hope more people will use this to get the correct name and a clip of their voice.

What do you think? Is this a useful feature?

Story swipe-up

The stories feature, in general, has been a new update in the LinkedIn mobile app. It seems that you can even access the feature without the mobile app just yet. Something that just came out of it recently is also the trendy feature of swiping up to follow a link.

Many social media apps are already using this feature to huge success, and I’m thrilled to see LinkedIn making this available for at least company pages for the moment.

While everyone can do stories, the swipe-up seems to be limited for now to company pages — a powerful new addition from my perspective and naturally something that everyone should take advantage off.

Connect job slots to your profile

Another great and new feature is to link existing job slots of your company directly to your profile, so everyone who visits your profile will see the connected jobs. It will also put a purple banner on your profile picture, which is similar to the green one that shows you are open for recruiters.

All in all, these small but useful improvements are the right way to develop the platform further. It sure is much fun and creates many opportunities for B2B (and B2C) businesses.

What are some of your favourite features? Let me know in the comments below.



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